Upload an AR Video

Upload an AR Video

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Hey there!
Welcome to the tutorial on upload your very first Augmented Reality Video on SnapCard!

This is a quick tutorial that you can follow so that you can create an Augmented Reality video and show the world your expertise through the technology of Augmented Reality!
Before you upload the video, make sure that your video is 5MB or below.
We’ve tried to make this as simple as easy for you as possible, soooo…

Here are 5 Easy-To-Follow Steps to Upload Your Video on SnapCard:

1. Go to your ‘My Card’

Open Up the SnapCard App and Click the ‘My Card’ tab at the bottom right

2. Click Settings

Click the gear symbol at the top right corner


3. Click Layouts

Click the symbol that has two squares that is labelled “Layouts” right below settings


4. Click the Video Camera

The Video Camera symbol is where you can upload new videos, adjust the settings and it set it to autoplay.
Note: Make sure you select the bottom left layout below the word “Video” to view your video in Augmented Reality. 


5. Upload Your Video

All that’s left to do is upload it! Choose the File that you want and upload it!
Note: Make sure your video is below 5MB



It’s as easy as that!